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According to Urban Dictionary hipsters reject the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers. They are often seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired fashions, tight-fitting jeans and old-school sneakers. I personally feel that the home of today’s hipster is Cotton On.

‘HIP$TER’ is the very first post where I have sourced and styled clothing from a widely known store. Cotton On provides their customers with fashion forward, trendy and laid back clothing at a reasonable price. This has definitely been an incredible experience and I look forward to working with other well-known brands in the future. Speaking about doing something for the first time, as a treat for all my female readers I have also sourced and styled clothing for a female.

Since I have started university I have acknowledged that I have been neglecting my readers. Being a full-time student is definitely no joke and neither is the work load. However, it still is one of my main priorities to find the perfect balance. I hope that all the effort that went into this post makes up for all the time that I have been away.


About this Look

Me: Black Jacket R849 / Black Scoop Tee R149 / Skinny Spray on Jean R599 / High Top Sneaker R499
Almaaz: Felt Hat R250 / Kimono R300 / Black Skinny Jean R399 / Boots R399


About this Look

Almaaz: Denim Jacket R599 / Grey Tee R199 / BlackBoyfriend Jean 499 / Boots R399
Me: White Tee R199 / Skinny Spray on Jean R499 / Plaid Flannel Shirt R399 / High Top Sneaker R499


About this Look

Me: Denim Shirt R399 / Striped Tee R299 / Skinny Spray on Jean R499
Almaaz: Denim Jacket R599 / Grey Muscle Midi R249 / Boots R399
Photographer: Broghan Lombard / Stylist: Naazhim Mahomed
Clothing: Cotton On

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