YBB Clothing


Time is way too limited to live a life of mediocrity and not to leave behind a legacy, this is why I love to see young individuals strive towards personal growth and have the urge to be successful. Pedro dos Santos and Dillon Kelly are the founders of an all new urban street wear brand called YBB Clothing.

YBB which stands for ‘Young Broke Ballers’ is a name inspired by the youth who have a limited budget but still find a way to be stylish and fashionable in the way that they clothe themselves. This is extremely relevant as most young people complain about how costly certain designer pieces are and how they still want to be considered trendy but are unable to do so as they cannot afford it.

According to Pedro and Dillon the brand was founded when a desire to have more from life became apparent. “Creating the brand was a dream, to make something and express ourselves for the world to see”.

I am proud to announce that I am the brand representative for YBB and wearing the ‘baller black snapback’ which completes my look and is perfect for the days that I don’t feel like styling my hair. The smart and unique design which boasts a wicked logo definitely makes them stand out from the crowd. To purchase your own YBB snapback visit their online store.

YBB Clothing details:

Online Store: ybbclothing.com
Instagram & Twitter: @ybbclothing
Facebook: YBB – Young Broke Ballers
Email: pedro@ybbclothing.com / dillon@ybbclothing.com

Photographer: Mikaeel Abdulla

Facebook: Mikaeel Abdulla

IG: mikaael_06

Email: mikaeelxavi067@gmail.com

Editing & Retouching: Naazhim Mahomed

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