The Twenty Zone

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Stepping into ‘the twenty zone’ has got to be one of the most personal posts that I have decided to write after ‘Individuality’. After months of not finding inspiration to work on a blog post I have finally found it through the idea to recount my journey ever since I turned twenty. This made me think about my life in general, relationships, fashion, and anything interesting that has been thrown in the mix.

As a visual person, the best way for me to begin recounting the journey thus far is to go through my camera roll to two days before my 20th birthday. The first thing that I notice is… more than half the people that I have celebrated my 20th with are no longer a part of my life or play a significant role in it. Friendships might have turned sour or I might have drifted away from certain people within the period of just a couple of months. The process of letting go and walking away from friends is never easy, especially when you are someone that prides yourself on how loyal you are and that when you befriend someone you do not plan for it to be something temporary. The valuable life lesson that I have learnt from this is that it is integral to surround yourself by people that make you a priority and choose you every single time. The people that you surround yourself with inevitably have a great impact on who you are as an individual. Always look for qualities such as honesty, compassion, selflessness, loyalty and trustworthiness to name a few when choosing who you want by your side and do not forget to reciprocate the aforementioned.

Unlike high school, the best part of university life is being exposed to a wide variety of people. Many of the people you meet will show a keen interest in getting to know you better in terms of your culture, religion, beliefs and personal style. University has definitely allowed me to come to terms with and fully embrace my own uniqueness and individuality. I have grown extremely close to most of my family members and I think that this is mainly due to the fact that I have finally come to realize that no matter what your family will always be by your side.

My fashion sense has not changed much but I have come to fully embrace the minimalistic concept. Instead of big and bold I prefer to opt for more monochrome and solid colours. My favourite colours have got to be black (of course), white, grey, and olive green. I have a strange obsession with olive green and definitely own more than one, two or even three items of clothing in olive green. I don’t really look to celebrities or other bloggers for style inspiration but I can definitely compare myself to a hybrid of Kanye West and James Dean. I also admire the style of blogger Ian Gallagher (@iamgalla), Mariano Di Viao (@marianodivaio) and Patrick Aveiro (@patrickdossantosaveiro)

My best advice to anyone turning twenty or has already turned twenty is to remember that your twenties are somewhat of your selfish years. Take time to really get to know, understand and love yourself. You cannot expect people around you to love and appreciate you if you don’t love and appreciate yourself… The friends that you thought will be by your side till the very end will most likely not stick around for as long as you hoped for but that is okay because those who truly belong there will prove their worth to you or maybe they just haven’t found their way to you just yet. Even although I turned twenty-one just a couple of days ago I have decided that instead of fearing the concept of ageing I am going to embrace it and hope to just get better with age, just like a great bottle of wine (lol).

I am fully aware that I have neglected my blog for the past couple of months. I sincerely apologize to all my readers and I hope that this post makes up for my time away and it is within my capabilities to bring to you some more great content as soon as possible.



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