The ‘Street Sins’ Visual Experience

Personal Style, Trends

I would like to begin my first post of 2015 by wishing all my readers a happy new year. This is the year that I will be focusing my energy on continuing to be a young ambitious individual, which will also be the theme of the blog for the next couple of months.

After a spectacular vacation in Umhlanga where I spent most of my time on the beach; sipping cocktails and enjoying the company of family and friends my life is about to completely transform as my university experience is soon to begin. The whole idea is so overwhelming yet exciting at the same time and I’m certain that I have the same thoughts as many other first years. My main concern is to be able to lead a balanced lifestyle and become a master of time management… I will continue to write about it all in my future posts.

Street Sins will be Blvck the Blog’s first post that will feature a collaboration of hip hop and street style. Although I put together most of my outfits based on my own personal style and taste in clothing I must admit that I am influenced to a certain extent by these styles. I definitely lean more towards hip hop as I feel that with my height oversized and elongated t-shirts sit nicely. The Street Sins post that will be up soon will have a full description on my outfit and where I purchased each item. Don’t forget to #BlvcktheBlog on your outfit posts on IG and Twitter to be featured on a future project of mine titled ‘BtB Readers Style’.

Video by: Broghan Lombard

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