Personal Style, Trends

As a fashion forward individual this question always seems to cross my mind…is there a lack of individuality and originality by merely keeping up with the latest trends and fashion?

My personal style and taste in clothing evolved from an emo-punk rock phase to a combination of hipster, street style and hip hop. I love formal wear as I feel that a man looks his ultimate and feels confident in a well-tailored suit or crisp white shirt. The colour black will always be my number one favourite and also happens to be the obvious inspiration for the name of the blog. Black is a colour that is sleek, elegant and timeless which Coco Channel can easily justify.

Keeping up with the latest fashion does not simply mean wearing clothing straight of the runway unless you are daring or it’s haute couture. When it comes to current trends they should not be copied unless it suits you or you are capable of pulling it off. The least enjoyable experience you can ever have is being uncomfortable or constantly conscious of what you are wearing because you are not quite sure of it. Sometimes being fashion forward does not necessarily mean that you should compromise on comfort.

By merely re-wearing a look that you have seen on someone else does not mean that it will look just as good or even better on you. Certain things need to be taken into consideration such as; your height and build. Individuality is brought to the fore in the way that one goes about picking out certain pieces in order to create an outfit to wear. When pairing different items of clothing, shoes and accessories always try to be original and work on something that suits you best. Strive to be a leader instead of just a mere follower of style.

Maison Martin Margiela Masks                                                            Image Source: Apartment Number 9


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