War Horse


The riveting story of Joey the horse has stolen my heart ever since I first watched the movie War Horse. After trying in vain to book tickets to see the national theatre production as it was all sold out, on Saturday the 8th of November I was unexpectedly given two tickets to go see the show at the Teatro in Montecasino which came as a huge surprise.

This is by far the most epic theatrical experience that I ever had. It is not just a puppet show but instead a recreation of live horses on stage that breath, gallop and rear. Within the first couple of minutes you easily forget that you are watching puppets made out of steel, leather and aircraft cables as the performers bring them to life so effortlessly. The magic on stage draws you in and transports you to the early 1900’s where you often find yourself right at the edge of your seat from the unexpected gunfire or even close to tears from a twist in events. To experience World War I through the eyes of a brave horse was exhilarating and captured magnificently in this production. If I was asked to sum it up in two words it would definitely have to be ‘breathtakingly beautiful’.

I would recommend the show to anyone looking to have an experience nothing short of brilliant; you don’t have to be an equine enthusiast nor a history lover to enjoy War Horse. Check out Computicket for more information and to book tickets.

Blvck the Blog’s Rating: ****/5

Image Source: Artslink 


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